Sen. Steve Dickerson, M.D., discussed his efforts to curb the opioid crisis in Tennessee by updating the state’s laws and penalties against illegally manufactured opioids with WJHL-TV (Johnson City, Tennessee) in August. “What we are trying to do with this law is make it sufficiently broad to capture those substances… while not tying the hands of legitimate health care providers,” said Dr. Dickerson.

In a September Washington Post article titled “Stanford researchers: The secret to overcoming the opioid crisis may lie partly in the mind,” Beth Darnall, Ph.D., wrote about growing scientific research showing pain may be more effectively treated by addressing both body and mind. Dr. Darnall and colleagues are testing an online presurgical psychological intervention to raise a positive mindset in patients before surgery, with the goal of reducing the need for opioids.

ASA Secretary John Dombrowski,...

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