The authors of a recent study investigated how propofol and remifentanil would remain in solution when mixed in the same syringe. They mixed the two drugs in clinically relevant concentrations and assayed the concentrations of remifentanil and propofol at the top and bottom of the syringe, which was oriented vertically. Based on the results of the study, which of the following is most likely true?

Propofol in association with another drug (e.g., remifentanil or ketamine) is commonly used to provide total intravenous anesthesia (TIVA). Ideally, one would use a separate pump for each drug, but it is common practice at some institutions to mix the propofol and the other agent in the same syringe. As a lipid emulsion, propofol is a unique drug whose miscibility with aqueous solutions is unpredictable.

A team recently set out to measure the compatibility of propofol and remifentanil when mixed in a syringe. They prepared...

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