My participation (Dr. Aina) in the ASA Committee on Professional Diversity has made a significant impact on my professional development. I was pleasantly surprised when I was selected to receive a grant from the ASA Mentoring Program, which is sponsored by the ASA Committee on Professional Diversity. This program encourages a mentor/mentee relationship, fosters active ASA participation, and provides financial support for research projects. My research project is in the area of medical education, and it focuses on the use of the Flipped Classroom (FC) in anesthesiology resident education.

The purpose of my study is to examine resident knowledge and confidence levels, before and after a FC exercise has been implemented. This research study will utilize the Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), post-graduate year (PGY)-3 anesthesiology residents, during their pediatric anesthesiology subspecialty rotation. The main benefit of utilizing the FC is to promote interactive educational opportunities.

Active learning activities have...

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