Each year – and most noticeably at our annual meeting – our corporate partners gather to turn the nation’s convention centers into inspiring interactive displays of science and technology that can be found nowhere else.

It’s inconceivable to imagine an exhibit hall without them.

But that’s just one aspect of this story. Our corporate relationships have dramatic impacts on almost every facet of ASA’s operations.

Corporate Support has funded 14 separate online education programs, covering topics from multi-modal pain management, to intraoperative hypotension, to administration of neuromuscular blockade and its reversal, to non-operating room anesthesia. These courses would otherwise cost approximately $200 per course or $2,800 total.

The cost to produce the 14 programs was approximately $3.2 million.

Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH)

Perioperative Brain Health Initiative (PBHI)

The success of many of our current and future strategic initiatives depends...

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