In the digital era with universal and unrestricted access to information, it is easy to be misled by inaccurate information. Within the last few years, the term “fake news” has become widespread and a popular way to describe false information or to “discredit” a concept or an idea. The term has been employed mainly within the strategies and vocabulary of politics, but the reality is that currently fake news is omnipresent, affecting every portion of our society. Unsurprisingly, medicine has become an easy target for this social phenomenon.

Misinformation within the medical field has been thoroughly portrayed on the internet and social media overall. A root cause analysis of this problem may identify the following potential culprits:

The brief answer is: “Absolutely, yes.” Trustworthiness of where the information is accessed plays a paramount role in medicine. This includes adequate journal indexation, impact factor of the journal – and...

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