FAER Mentored Research Training Grant Recipient 2015-2017

Project proposal title: “Stored Blood Transfusion and Nitric Oxide”.

Mentor: Warren M. Zapol, M.D.

The reason I came to Massachusetts General Hospital to start my anesthesia residency was because I was fascinated by Dr. Warren Zapol and his research. I first met Dr. Zapol in 2003 at a sushi restaurant at the American Thoracic Society Annual Meeting in Seattle. I had the conviction that I wanted to be mentored by a devoted, far-sighted, enthusiastic, caring physician-educator and scientist.

In 2010, toward the end of my anesthesia residency, I approached Dr. Zapol and asked to work in his laboratory which, at that time, was focused on studying the effects of stored blood transfusion in a mouse and sheep model. After a few months, we prepared a clinical protocol to study the effects of stored blood transfusion in healthy volunteers. I quickly experienced...

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