According to Abraham Verghese, M.D., it might be the most critical moment in an individual’s life – lying on a gurney, almost ready for surgery, and then the anesthesiologist comes to visit.

“That moment for me, that brief interaction, embodies all of medicine: the juxta-position of humans needing care, a physician expressing caring, but with a backdrop of mind-boggling technology and a situation that may be routine enough but never lacks the potential to be life-threatening,” he said.

Dr. Verghese is an acclaimed best-selling author, clinician, teacher, international lecturer and a leading voice in the discussion about what quality care means now and in the future.

At this year’s ANESTHESIOLOGY Keynote Address, Dr. Verghese will focus on physician-patient interaction and how technology shapes this interaction, with both opportunities and challenges. His human approach to medicine and uncommon vision make...

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