The ANESTHESIOLOGY annual meeting is the largest anesthesiology meeting in the world. ASA’s international outreach initiatives have resulted in increased international diversity in presenters, sessions and activities at our annual meetings. In San Francisco last year, more than 27 percent of the professional attendance was international, with over 35 international anesthesia society presidents, officers and executive directors in attendance. The Committee on International Collaboration (CIC), in partnership with the Committee on Annual Meeting Oversight (AMOC), is continually looking for new ways to further globalize the meeting and highlight universal issues such as patient safety, physician wellness, scope of practice and brain health.

We are excited to share some new international initiatives for ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2019 and highlight how truly global this meeting will be.

At ANESTHESIOLOGY 2019, we will pilot simultaneous translation for three featured lectures and the Journal Symposium in Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin. These languages represent countries from...

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