This month, Monitor readers will see features on “Procedural and Surgical Anesthesia.” Topics covered include infection control from the point of view of anesthesiologists, pro and con arguments on accreditation of an institutional diagnostic ultrasound service, waste anesthesia gases, and the part played by ASA’s Committee on Surgical and Procedural Anesthesia (COSPA) in intersociety collaboration.

In their article “What We Do Matters,” Drs. Fahy and Gentz bring to our attention the many different ways in which anesthesiologists can affect infection control. They provide us with a very complete synopsis of the many ways we can mitigate risks of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). One of my previous editorials commented on how significant our contamination can be of the anesthesia workspace after an intubation. Drs. Fahy and Gentz go into more detail about this, and they refresh our understanding of infection control practices in numerous other facets of anesthesia care.

I like their...

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