ANESTHESIOLOGY®2019 was held last October in Orlando and featured 19 Scientific and Educational Exhibits. The exhibits focused on many educational and clinical areas such as airway management, pain management, nerve blocks and the use of ultrasound techniques. Exhibits provided enhanced educational methods through the use of computer-based learning, advanced communication technology, and videos and simulators. Administrative exhibits provided information on technology and anesthesia, anesthesia for trauma and pharmacology in anesthesia. The exhibits were evaluated by the members of the Committee on Scientific and Educational Exhibits on their originality, clinical relevance, scientific merit and visual impact. Thirty-one outstanding exhibits were presented at the meeting, with three exhibits receiving top awards.

A Guide to the Endocannabinoid System for Anesthesiologists

Valerie E. Armstead, M.D., Felipe Suero, M.D., Gurpreet Mundi, M.D., Dmitry Roberman, D.O. Anesthesiology, Temple University Health System/Lewis Katz...

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