It has been a great honor to serve as your 2019 ASA President. In my final Monitor article as an ASA officer, I want to highlight our challenges and successes in 2019.

We were very busy this past year, but really seven issues dominated the year: surprise medical bill legislation, preserving physician-led care for our patients, pediatric dental sedation, physician wellness, an increased attention to academic and subspecialty relations, our work to address drug shortages, and the opioid crisis.

As you know, surprise billing legislation has dominated the headlines, representing one area where both political parties are eager to find a solution. This issue has been a top priority for ASA, and we have worked very hard for an approach that treats anesthesiologists equitably. We are very pleased with the work of our team in Washington, D.C. and our growing Grassroots Network that provides essential leadership in the debate. Together...

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