According to a recent study on the risk of hepatitis C transmission through multidose medication vials, which of the following statements is MOST likely true?

Infection associated with the use of multidose vials has been a topic of research for many years. There have been reports of nosocomial hepatitis C outbreaks from suspected contamination of multidose vials even though practitioners denied the reuse of a needle or syringe when drawing medications. Studies have cited unsafe injection practices, poor sanitation practices, or contaminated medical equipment as possible reasons for nosocomial hepatitis C infections. A recent study used in vitro methods to find a possible mechanism for hepatitis C contamination of multidose medication vials.

The authors used cell culture–derived hepatitis C viral droplets placed onto the rubber access diaphragm of medication vials. This was used to simulate a health care setting that uses multidose vials to determine whether the vial's diaphragm can...

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