Governance meetings have always been a vital part of the ASA annual meeting. During these sessions, ASA conducts important business to set policy and amend/approve bylaws, standards, guidelines, advisories and alerts, expert consensus documents, statements, and practice parameters to guide and advance our specialty. Voting on reports from ASA's four reference committees drives this process.

With all sessions now virtual, however, governance won't be “business as usual” at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2020. To suggest an amendment to a report before the 73rd meeting of the House of Delegates (HOD), voting members won't have to make their way to the podium through a crowded conference center room. Instead, they can propose an amendment to a report using a secure interface from their laptop or mobile device from any location.

Over the past several months, we have been working diligently to select technology vendors that can provide a secure, user-friendly experience for governance...

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