A key step in every medical student's career is finding – and being accepted into – a residency program. Facing what is often a daunting journey, one medical student with a passion for anesthesiology sought resources to help her and others navigate the Match process.

“Anesthesiology and I go hand in hand, sort of like a pen is to a writer, or a scalpel is to a surgeon. We just fit. So, in my quest for academic resources, expertise, and more robust knowledge about the field of anesthesiology, I was coming up fairly short,” noted Pryia Simmons, a fourth-year medical student at University of Medicine and Health Sciences. “Then, add a sprinkle of anesthesiology residency advice to that quest, and you have a recipe for confusion, bewilderment, and slight frustration.”

Her need for more support – and a desire to help fellow aspiring anesthesiologists – led Simmons to create “FutureAnesRes,”...

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