In July, ASA Monitor conducted an email survey that polled readers on their top perceived challenges facing today's anesthesiology profession. You shared your greatest concerns regarding various topics and offered some innovative solutions to those challenges.

This final article in a four-part series dissecting the survey results focuses on readers' key career concerns. With a work environment that is often high-stress and extremely demanding, anesthesiologists face a number of career-related challenges on a daily basis. At the top of that list, according to a recent ASA Monitor survey, are non-physician scope of practice, burnout/work-life balance, and negotiating contracts.

As the discussion regarding non-physician scope of practice continues, anesthesiologists must understand how to navigate this issue and its potential impact on their careers. This includes recognizing the implications for reimbursement, while also continuing to prioritize relationships with the entire care team, including non-physician providers.

“From my experience, we...

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