The Committee on Problem-Based Learning Discussions invites submissions for the ANESTHESIOLOGY 2021 Problem-Based Learning Discussions (PBLDs) program. This past October, 106 unique cases were scheduled and nearly all sessions sold out. There was lively debate and discussion in these first-ever virtual sessions held on Zoom. All PBLDs were scheduled over a one-hour period with a maximum of 11 participants and a moderator. For 2021, the committee will again continue the open-call process for PBLD case submissions from every meeting track. Submitted cases should only have one moderator, who must be at the faculty or attending level. For the past eight years, fellows have been allowed to submit cases together with an attending; this will continue and only in these cases. There will be two moderators at the time of presentation.

An ideal PBLD case:

A good way to start choosing a topic is to identify current debates in your particular...

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