If you're like most ASA members, you're dedicated to lifelong learning and you push to stay on top of changes and innovations in your specialty. That's why ASA works hard to help members build their skills and fulfill MOCA requirements by offering CME programs, practice improvement opportunities, and simulation activities. And now, ABA Diplomates who are ASA members can earn free CME credits with their MOCA Minute participation.

What is MOCA Minute?

ABA's MOCA Minute is designed to help Diplomates assess their medical knowledge and retention through the span of their 10-year MOCA cycle. It was created as a more effective, meaningful, and convenient approach to continuous assessment than the high-stakes exam, elevating the importance of ongoing and on-the-go learning. So-named because participating Diplomates are given one minute to answer personalized multiple-choice questions, based on their specialty certificates and practice profile. Diplomates access their MOCA Minute questions from their ABA...

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