With lawsuits piling up against drug companies believed complicit in the opioid crisis, a major precedent was set in November 2020 when Purdue Pharma was ordered to pay an $8.3 billion settlement.

The order from Judge Robert Drain, who described the ruling as a “critical building block” to resolve mounting lawsuits against the company, capped off a federal investigation of programs that offered incentives to physicians and an electronic health records company for driving opioid prescriptions.

Purdue Pharma – owned by the Sackler family since 1952 (when it was known as Purdue-Frederick) – agreed to plead guilty to three felony criminal counts of wrongdoing.

According to The Washington Post, Purdue – with headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut – has earned more than $30 billion since the opioid OxyContin arrived on the market in 1996.

Moreover, according to reports, a congressional...

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