So much – perhaps too much – is made of the struggle between those who are left-brained (linear thinkers) and those who are right-brained (holistic thinkers). On one side of the brain, the left, you will find those motivated by logic. On the other, the right, people are more motivated by emotive gut instinct.

But that doesn't mean that there cannot exist a literal meeting of the mind – or minds – by providing those in the science-based medical field with a respite founded in the arts. During this stressful pandemic, the need is clear.

Enter Rx/Museum, a pilot program of the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care at Penn Medicine in partnership with the Health Ecologies Lab at the University of Pennsylvania.

Aaron Levy, PhD (University of Pennsylvania), and Lyndsay Hoy, MD (Penn Medicine), are the faculty directors of the virtual program that delivers emailed artworks and reflections to...

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