Acupuncture has progressively been integrated into comprehensive pain management programs worldwide. More than 30% of pediatric pain centers in North America offer acupuncture service. A survey of 1,100 pediatric patients and families conducted in the United States during the preoperative visit indicated that more than 6% of patients have used acupuncture (Pain Res Manag 2014;19:198-204).

Acupuncture has been part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for more than 2,000 years. As early as 100 B.C., the first Chinese medical textbook “Huang Di Nei Jing” clearly described jin jiao (

Since President Richard Nixon's visit to China in 1972, acupuncture has become increasingly popular in the U.S. In 1998, the NIH Consensus Development Conference on acupuncture concluded there is sufficient evidence of acupuncture's efficacy to expand its use into conventional medicine and continue further research studies (JAMA 1998;280:1518-24...

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