Anesthesiologists are unrivaled experts in pain management, which is why ASA is at the forefront of implementing best practices to reduce opioid use and advocate for safe and effective alternatives. But tackling the opioid crisis is not a proprietary endeavor. ASA works hand-in-hand with government agencies, fellow professional associations, patient advocacy organizations, and corporate partners to advance its agenda. When the mission of engaged stakeholders is aligned, advancements are made more quickly and solutions are more effective and innovative.

In recent years, ASA has worked with corporate partners to tackle the opioid crisis in a range of ways: steering public and patient education initiatives, translating patient needs into policies and coverage of targeted treatments by payors, supporting new drugs and products that reduce diversion and tampering, advocating for new treatments for perioperative and chronic pain, and hosting meetings and roundtables that advance the field.

To understand how the working relationship...

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