Keynote Address

Saturday, October 9

It simply can't be said with any better precision: COVID-19 changed everything. Even before the pandemic, health care faced challenges of cost, big data, payment models, an aging population, cybersecurity, and many other issues. In less than a year, the pandemic created a host of new challenges, and amplified the old ones. In response, the health care community – perhaps more than ever in modern history – must redefine what leadership is and who can best guide medicine in turbulent times.

At ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2021 in San Diego this October, ASA is delighted to welcome Doris Kearns Goodwin as the meeting's Keynote Speaker. America's “Historian-in-Chief,” Goodwin is one of the country's most celebrated presidential historians, having written genre-defining books on some of our country's greatest leaders, including Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin Roosevelt.

In her presentation, Goodwin will share the insights she has...

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