Monday, October 11

Steven L. Shafer, MD, is concerned that a new generation of anesthesiologists has never heard of Edmund “Ted” Eger. After Dr. Shafer's Emery A. Rovenstine Memorial Lecture this October, no one in the audience will ever forget him.

Dr. Eger was the visionary pioneer who devised and introduced the concept of minimum alveolar concentration, or MAC – a measure of anesthetic potency that revolutionized the administration of inhaled anesthetics, grounded future anesthetic research with a common measure of potency, and saved untold millions of lives. The concepts he developed over the course of his 60-plus year career are the foundation for the use of isoflurane, sevoflurane, or desflurane today.

“Ever Eger: My Love Affair with Anesthesia” is the name of Dr. Shafer's lecture. The title succinctly sums up Dr. Eger's life. Dr. Shafer was a close friend of Dr. Eger. Their lives intertwined both professionally and personally...

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