While there has been a growing interest in and shift toward clinic-based and in-office surgical suites, concerns remain when it comes to the efficacy and safety of this setting for minimally invasive procedures. In an effort to address this issue, The Scope – a new media site for anesthesiologists working outside the traditional hospital setting – was created.

“I have found that there is a lack of knowledge and understanding that safe surgical procedures with anesthesia can be performed outside a hospital or ambulatory care setting,” said Meghan Valach, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Mobile Anesthesiologists, while noting the importance of anesthesiologist involvement in these conversations. Dr. Valach cautioned that if anesthesiologists aren't leading the discussion about how to safely anesthetize patients in the office space, then someone else may do so – at a detriment to our patients.

“I believe passionately that as this area of medicine continues to...

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