Welcome to the spring 2022 edition of Ask the Expert! This month, we will think outside the box of most of our collective experiences and outside the borders of our own country at the same time. We will explore international medicine and medical humanitarian outreach, a topic hugely important for reasons of conscience and ethics, especially as we are seeing the gap between the “haves” and “have nots” increase at both the individual and national levels. What, if any, moral obligations do the more fortunate have toward those who are less so? Our expert this month is Dr. Sara Strowd, from Stanford University, who will help us navigate such questions.

As always, feedback, commentary, and volunteerism all are welcomed at zdeutch@yahoo.com.

Thank you for co-authoring, Sara. Please describe your current position and responsibilities.

Thank you for the opportunity, Zach. I'm a Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford University....

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