ASA member Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH, FASA, made national headlines in June when he was voted President-Elect of the American Medical Association, which places him one year away from a historic AMA presidency.

Even without the recent AMA honor, Dr. Ehrenfeld's CV is impressive: he heads the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment, the state's largest health philanthropy; he is a combat Veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan and was appointed this spring to the Wisconsin Blue Ribbon Commission on Veteran Opportunity; he is the former Speaker of the Massachusetts Medical Society, the youngest officer in the history of that 228-year-old organization; his research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation, the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; and he is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Medical Systems.

And he's...

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