A common disconnect in medicine occurs when attending physicians indicate that they're providing feedback to residents consistently, and residents feeling that they never receive any feedback. Oftentimes, the feedback seems lost in translation.

Whitney Fallahian, MD, and Elizabeth Townsend, MD, PhD, both Assistant Professors within the University of Wisconsin Department of Anesthesiology, developed a Problem-Based Learning Discussion that was presented at ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2023 to address the importance of providing feedback to residents.

The scheduling dynamic in health care and especially in anesthesiology complicates these discussions as well. It's not uncommon to work with a resident one day, then not again for several weeks. When working in academic medical centers with critically ill patients, finding the right time to deliver feedback is never easy.

“Most attendings are short-staffed, responsible for more patients than ever before, and not able to spend as much time with residents,” shared Dr. Fallahian. “There's often...

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