Here are just some of the comments anesthesiologists shared after taking ASA's complimentary continuing medical education (CME) course based on the Enhancing Patient Communications Program (EPCP):

“Reinforced how important it is to take time to establish a relationship with a patient.”

“A must for each practicing clinician.”

“The short interaction anesthesiologists have used to be a hit or miss. The modules highlighted ways to use this effectively and to make an impact.”

“Excellent course.”

During the first few months since its launch, over 500 anesthesiologists have registered for the course, with 95% saying they would recommend it to a colleague.

The ASA Committee on Communications (COC) is so excited to see members' positive reactions to the CME program. Research shows the importance of patient communications in enhancing patient care, improving outcomes, and increasing patient satisfaction and reimbursement. But many of us may think we are already doing a great job...

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