In February 2018, I hosted a small group of 11 women anesthesiologists and residents in my home. As we conversed, it became clear that there were many unmet needs in the professional development of women in anesthesiology. The next month, I booked a conference venue, and six months later, on September 8, 2018, I hosted the first statewide conference for women in anesthesiology in Indiana with over 100 people. The tasks below explain the steps necessary to establishing a successful conference.

What are the needs of women anesthesiologists in your state?

Start by surveying women and men to see how a conference can meet their needs. Choose your target audience and consider how to attract attendees based on location, venue, timing, and incentives. Consider family-friendly options and providing childcare on site. If residents and students are targeted, consider financial support and plan around their vacation and testing schedule. Consider using...

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