The February 2023 report issued by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated that if human-caused global warming isn't slowed to a couple tenths of a degree, deadly heat, drought, fires, and floods could impact the planet in “potentially irreversible” ways. Putting off cuts in mitigating carbon emissions, the report warns, “will miss a brief and rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a livable and sustainable future for all” (

Doing nothing is not an option. The impact has already begun, and it's measurable.

In 2020, a team of researchers led by Northeastern University's Matthew Eckelman looked solely at the impact of hospitals and health services on climate change. Our hospitals, the cornerstone of community health, are a major emitter of greenhouse gases. Climate change derived solely from greenhouse gas emissions caused by hospitals results in Americans losing approximately 388,000 “daily adjusted life years,” or years...

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