“The operating room should be at the disposal of the surgeons 24/7, no questions asked.”

“Every day at 3 p.m. it's like rats scurrying off the deck of the Titanic, and we can't get any work done.”

“1:30 p.m. is the bewitching hour. That's when everyone slows down and starts watching the clock.”

We have all heard these types of comments in some form or another. While these statements are really meant to be questions, when posed in this way they can be frustrating to those who hear them and those who say them because they often go unanswered. More often than not, these statements are made by those with an inaccurate or deficient understanding of perioperative utilization both financially and logistically. Anesthesiologists, as perioperative leaders, should arm themselves with an understanding of perioperative utilization so they can not only accurately and factually respond to this verbiage but also effectively...

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