Dean F. Connors, M.D., Ph.D., is Program Director, Oak Hill Hospital, Land O’Lakes, Florida.

Dean F. Connors, M.D., Ph.D., is Program Director, Oak Hill Hospital, Land O’Lakes, Florida.

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ANESTHESIOLOGY 2017 in Boston will feature 34 scientific and educational exhibits. Many of the scientific exhibits will focus on airway management, pain management and peripheral nerve blocks, including use of ultrasound techniques and exhibits that educate through the use of computer-based learning, advanced communication technology, handheld devices, videos and simulators. Exhibits portraying practical aspects of patient care such as vascular access, perioperative management issues and echocardiography will also be highlighted this year. Administrative exhibits will provide information on technology and anesthesia. The scientific exhibits will be evaluated by the committee for originality, clinical relevance, scientific merit and visual impact. Judging of the scientific exhibits will occur on Saturday, October 21. Presentation of first-, second- and third-place prizes will take place on Sunday, October 22.

The Medically Challenging Cases continue to grow in popularity, with more than 1,700 submissions this year. The cases will be pre-sented in the Exhibit Hall B2 area at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from Saturday, October 21, through Monday, October 23. The Medically Challenging Cases will all be presented in timed, 10-minute incre-ments in an electronic format without the use of a poster board. Expert facilitators/moderators will promote discussion and interaction between attendees and presenters during each session.

These sessions have served as a venue for the presentation of interesting and challenging cases and allow for one-on-one interaction with presenters and attendees from around the world. They have also served as a springboard for research and clinical protocols that have emanated from the interaction of colleagues and the sharing of information and experiences. Attendees may also view all presented cases on the ePoster On Demand system, available throughout the convention center during the conference. Whether you would like additional time to study a specific case, browse through all cases or view a presentation that you missed, the ePoster On Demand site will provide attendees with direct access to all cases during and even after the conference.

ASA thanks the members of the Committee on Scientific and Educational Exhibits for all their hard work and dedication:

Dean Connors, M.D., Chair

Zvi Grunwald, M.D., Vice Chair

Wendy K. Bernstein, M.D., M.B.A., FASA

Sujatha Bhandary, M.D.

Fred C. Cobey, M.D.

Edward Deal, D.O.

Ronak Desai, D.O.

Richard E. Galgon, M.D., M.S.

Cosmin Guta, M.D.

Anthony T. Han, M.D., Ph.D.

Tara L. Kennedy, M.D.

Bryan P. Mahoney, M.D.

Vidya T. Raman, M.D.

Kristopher M. Schroeder, M.D.

Shaheen F. Shaikh, M.D.

John E. Tetzlaff, M.D.