The theme of ANESTHESIOLOGY 2021 – “Managing Change, Leading Innovation – heralds the society's commitment to advancing our understanding of science, our knowledge of anesthesia, and the well-being of our patients. This year's annual meeting is not only a welcome opportunity to reconnect and network, but also a chance to re-energize your commitment to education and lifelong learning. And our corporate partners are here to support and promote our growth.

Beyond the educational program, with more than 500 sessions, ASA's corporate partners will provide a wide range of non-CME learning opportunities. Members can engage with these educational offerings in-person or via this year's Virtual Track. Either way, you'll get high-quality, science-based education from subject matter experts and physician leaders in the specialty.

“This year's annual meeting is not only a welcome opportunity to reconnect and network, but also a chance to re-energize your commitment to education and lifelong learning.”

“Our corporate partnership education programs enhance ASA's world-class educational event,” said Dr. Andrew Rosenberg, ASA's Vice President for Scientific Affairs. “At this year's annual meeting, partners will offer first-rate instructive content on a range of topics designed to help physicians nurture their knowledge and improve patient care. These varied offerings are sure to be a valuable extension to CME offerings.”

Satellite Symposia

Satellite Symposia, offered along with complimentary meals during unopposed hours in the morning, lunchtime, and evening, are at the heart of our corporate partners' offerings.

“These evidence-based learning activities, developed by subject matter experts, are an important part of the conference,” said Committee on Annual Meeting Oversight Chair Dr. David Hepner. “The sessions serve as forums inviting exchanges on a wide range of the most current medical topics.” Topics include Managing Interoperative Hypotension, Postoperative Pain Management, Patient Safety, Perioperative Pediatric Anesthesia, and more. A full list of Satellite Symposia sessions, and links for free registration, are available on ASA's annual meeting website.

Exhibit Hall

In addition to the Satellite Symposia, the Exhibit Hall will be a hub of learning. The vibrant and varied experiences offered in this year's Exhibit Hall will bring members face-to-face with giants of industry and up-and-coming innovators alike. The engagement will be fast-paced and hands-on, maximizing your learning experience at non-accredited sessions.

“Annual Meeting attendees will enjoy opportunities to gain firsthand experience performing clinical procedures using the latest devices and technology,” said Dr. Hepner. Corporate partners and affiliate organizations will offer educational activities on the Center Stage, with presentations and demonstrations touching on a range of vital topics. For example, the Center Stage will feature two Swimming with Sharks activities: a conceptual version for very early-stage startups and a second one for startups that are seed stage and beyond. This year's Swimming with Sharks, organized by the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research, is being developed in cooperation with AngelMD, an online community of health care startups.

Sunrise Sessions and Table Talks

For those who are unable to join us in San Diego, or who will be accessing the Virtual Track, there will be a curated selection of partner education available until October 27. This wide range of edifying, non-CME Sunrise Sessions and Table Talks, offered by ASA's corporate partners, will inform and inspire.

Early morning, virtual Sunrise Sessions will offer research-based learning opportunities on a range of topics, while Table Talks are online discussion forums for facilitating active communication and interaction on clinical topics.

Join us to learn more

If you're ready to reinvigorate your education and your spirit, ASA's corporate partners will bring you in-person and online opportunities at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2021, advancing your knowledge of perioperative care, research, health care administration, public policy, and more. This year's annual meeting is about leveraging our collective strength and insight to move forward together. And our partner programing is designed to help us do just that.

Debbie Greif is the ASA Director of Corporate Relations and Business Development.